out now split P. SPACCAMONTI / S. PILIA


Like a stationary air guitar. A distorted guitar, caressed, a binary rhythm. Converted. More to emotions than to chords. An intimate splitting solo. Two sides, apiece. Stefano Pilia and Paolo Spaccamonti subtract to stylize. They remove to amplify. The magic is to hold (notes) to hold (listening). “Maurizio Blatto”

spaccamonti piia black spaccamonti piia clear

Produced by: Escape from Today, Brigadisco  / Artwork by: Rocco Lombardi  / Screen Printed Cover by: Sericraft
| Paolo Spaccamonti |
01. Non lacrimare
02. Fuga
03. CarapaceAll music by Paolo Spaccamonti
except ‘Carapace’ (Julia Kent)
Dario Bruna: drums on ‘Fuga’ and ‘Carapace’
Ramon Moro: trumpet on ‘Fuga’
Paolo Spaccamonti: electric guitar, e-bow
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ezra @ No.Mad Studio, Torino, Italy
| Stefano Pilia |
“Stand Behind The Men Behind The Wire”
01. Stand Behind The Men Behind The Wire
02. Flux In A Box
03. The Machine In The Ghost
04. Too Much Fun
05. R. Tune
(01, 05 Acustic Guitar 02, 03, 04 Electric Guitar)
Written, Recorded and Performed By S.P.
Mastered By Lorenzo Caperchi @ Red Carpet Studio
Dedicated to Zenaide Arioli, Anita Vecchini, Natalina Mereu
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