*Stefano Pilia / Stands Behind The Men Behind The Wire (lp split with Paolo Spaccamonti / EFT, Brigadisco 2013)
*Stefano Pilia  / Strings (cd / musica moderna 2012)
*Stefano Pilia / Last Days vol I, II, III (lp 8mm 2008, 7″ presto?! 2009, cas. Tulip 2009, lp 8mm 2010)-LD II mentioned by THE WIRE between best 2010 “size format”-
*Stefano Pilia / Action Silence Prayers (cd Die-Schachtel 2008) -selected by THE WIRE office ambience-
*Stefano Pilia / The Suncrows Fall And Tree (cd Sedimental 2006) -mentioned by BLOW UP between best 2006 records-
*Stefano Pilia /Healing Memories And Other Scattering Times (cd TheLastVisibleDog 2003/2005) -mentioned by BLOW UP between best 2005 records-
*Stefano Pilia / The I Season (cdr Time-Lag 2004 )


*3/4HadBeenEliminated/ Oblivion (cd 2010 Die-Schachtel)
*3/4HadBeenEliminated/ Teology, The Religious Experience (cd,lp Soleilmoon 2007)
*3/4HadBeenEliminated/A Year Of The Aural Gauge Operation (cd 2005 Hapna) -mentioned by THE WIRE and BLOW UP between best 2005-2006 records-
*3/4HadBeenEliminated/s/t (cd 2004 Bowindo) -mentioned by BLOW-UP between best 2004 records-


*In Zaire / White Sun Black Sun (lp Tannen records / Sound of Cobra / Offset records 2013)
*In Zaire / s.t. (12″ one side / Holidays records 2012)


*Massimo Volume / Aspettando i Barbari (cd,lp / La Tempesta, Tannen 2013)
*Massimo Volume / Cattive Abitudini (cd,lp/La Tempesta 2010) -mentioned by BLOW-UP , RUMORE and ILMUCCHIO between best 2010 records-
*Massimo Volume / Nov 2008 (cd,lp mescal/unhip 2009)


*Il Sogno Del Marinaio / Canto Secondo (lp, cd Clenckwrenched 2013)
*Il Sogno Del Marinaio / La Busta Gialla (cd, Clenckwrenched 2013)


*Belfi, Grubbs, Pilia / Dust And Mirrors (lp Blue Chopsticks, Drag City 2013)
*Belfi, Grubbs, Pilia / Onrushing Cloud (lp Blue Chopsticks 2010) -mentioned by BLOW UP between best 2010 records-


*Cagna Schiumante (lp Tannen 2014)


*Rokia Traorè / Beautiful Africa (cd,lp / Nonesuch 2013)
*Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica / Per Ora Noi La Chiameremo Felicità (cd,lp / La  Tempesta 2010)
*David Maranha / Antarctica (lp 2010 Roaratorio)
*Blind Jesus (S. Pilia / A. Hooker) / s/t (Allquestions/Von archives cd,lp 2009)
*Glow Kids / Our trip to metropolis (cd-r 2006 Punk not Diet)
*Medves (Belfi, Ielasi, Pilia, Rinaldi, Wanke)/ s/t (lp 2004 fringes)
*Franklin Delano / Like A Smoking Gun In Front Of Me (cd 2005 Madcap-File 13)
*Settlefish / Dance A While Upset (cd 2003 DeepElm )
*Settlefish – Desert city soundtrack / split (cd 2004 DeepElm)
*David Grubbs  / Place Where The Palace Stoods (cd/lp Dragcity 2013)
*Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica / Costellazioni (cd/lp Tempesta 2014)
*Oreledigneur / (Giuseppe Ielasi, Renato Rinaldi)/ s/t (cd 2004 Bowindo)
*Black Forest Black Sea/ Radiant Simmetry (cd 2004 TheLastVisibleDog)
*Black Forest Black Sea – Cristina Carter / s/t (cd 2004 Time-Lag)
*Black Forest Black Sea,/ s/t (cd-lp 2006 )
*Fear Falls Burning/ Once we all walk trough solid objects (5lp 2007 Tonefloat)
*Andrea Belfi,Stefano Pilia/ Invisible Pyramid Elegy Box (6cd 2005 The LastVisibleDog)
*Andrea Belfi / Wege (room40 2012)
*Andrea Belfi / Between Neck And Stomach (cd Hapna 2006)
(the satellite seems a little further out of reach)
(sound installation for 32 woofers field)
(Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna ROMA 2008)
(sound installation, 2007, “Silenzio:una mostra da ascoltare” curated by Francesco Bonami, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Torino )
(cassete 2008 Sloow Tapes)
NY STRINGS (Harlem studio Fellowship)(New York 2009)
(microphones, mixer, stereo, piezoelettrics, founded objects)
October 2005 (Bologna)
Realized at RAUM curated by XING
September 2005 (Providence,RI,USA)
Realized at AS220 and sustained by GAI
September 2003 (Milano)
Curated by Giulia Pezzoli and Marina Saviano
Realized at VIAFARINI inside TALK SHOW curated by Stefano Boeri e Hans Ulrich Obrist and IUAV students
con Massimo Carozzi
(microphones, loopers, turntables, electric guitar.,synth,)
curated by Galleria Civica di Trento CinemaNeverEnding 2006 (Trento)
music for “Hymn” by N. Vascellari (audio-video installation)(2008)
presented at MANIFESTA (Trento)(2008)
-music for I PADRONI DI CASA a film by Edoardo Gabbriellini (2013)
-in collaboration with Yasuhiro Morinaga music for EARTH a film by Ho Tzu Nyen (2009)
– music for GLADIO a film documentary by Andreas Pichler (2009) and music for MY THREE PEAKS (2005) in collaboration with Massimo Carozzi
-music for SIGNORI PROFESSORI a film documentary by Maura Delpero (2008)
music for “matilde e i suoi tre padri” (reading)(2009)
music for “Guerra Agli Umani” (reading)(2006)
music for “Pontiac Manituana” (reading)(2007)
music for “Razza Partigiana” (reading)(2009)
music for “Memoria Esterna” (audiovideo)(2008)
music for “casa di fantasmi” (2008)
music for “Why We Came” (audiovideo)( 2006)
music for “studies for a portrait” (live – audiovideo)(netmage 2006)
music for “Grande Estasi” (radiodrama) (2006)
music for “Panorama” Roma-Bologna-Venezia (audiovideo) (2004-2005)
sound and music for “lo sfarzo nella tempesta” (theater piece)(2007)
sound and music for “La Prima Donna_Chi Semina Vento Raccoglie Tempesta ” (performance)(2006)
sound and music for “mi spengo in assenza di mezzi ” (theater piece)(2006)
Music for “Katherine” (2005) (film 8mm,super8,16mm /1949-1978)
presentato in occasione di: Imaginaria Film Festival (Bari 2006)
Emotion Festival(Milano 2006)
Music for “Circo Togni”(2006) (film 8mm,super8, 16mm/1951-1964)
Torino Film Festival (Torino 2006)
Emotion Festival (Milano 2006)
music for Pietra Pianta (teather piece) (2009)
music for CREATURA by BALLETTO CIVILE (dance piece)(2008)